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Knovel customers start saving time and money the minute they start using Knovel. The average engineer saves 4 hours of effort per month using Knovel. Typical payback is measured in weeks, not months. But don’t just take it from us. Check out Knovel’s interactive Return on Investment (ROI) calculator to see how quickly your company can start saving time and money.

”I needed to estimate the vapor pressure of chemicals at elevated temperatures. Nine of the last 10 chemicals I needed could be found in Knovel... where I could see a graph and pick a vapor pressure for any temperature I needed. I did this in 2 hrs for nine substances versus a literature search and a reconstruction of data to estimate the equation to determine vapor pressure - 40 hrs at least for 9 substances. “– Chemical Engineer, Top Ten Chemical Company

Get started by choosing your industry and plugging in your own numbers. Then see your estimated ROI based on results from organizations similar to yours. The default variables in the calculator are real – derived from user statistics, survey data and feedback from our customers. With numbers like these, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that over 90% of Knovel’s customers renew their subscriptions each year.

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