Interactive Engineering Tools

Tables and charts found in Knovel’s online reference collection deliver not only the data users trust but also let them extract it for further analysis.

Knovel’s data analysis tools ensure you not only find the information hidden in complex graphs, equations and tables quickly, but also analyze and manipulate data as easily as sorting a spreadsheet. Knovel enables you to extract data for further analysis. Downloading data into Excel is not only easy and seamless but also preserves an information source for future documentation and reference.

View Knovel's interactive tools videoKnovel’s Interactive Tables

Allow you to rearrange rows/columns, hide selected rows/olumns to better feature relevant data and even export tables to a spreadsheet. And, as users expect from Knovel, the exported tables always come with a citation source for verification

Knovel’s Interactive graphs

Allow you to determine precise data coordinates without having to rely on error-prone extrapolation techniques. Relevant data can then be exported to support your conclusions and to offer a source citation for subsequent peer review.

Knovel’s Free Engineering Tools

  • Knovel's Unit Converter The Knovel Unit Converter eliminates preliminary calculations with over 1,000 units and 90 properties. Enhanced accuracy and features like unit lookup and autocomplete mean you can convert anything, anywhere, 24x7.
  • The Knovel Sample Book is a great introduction to Knovel's productivity tools, such as the Graph Digitizer and Mathcad-enabled scientific and technical content available. 
  • Knovel’s Periodic Table is an interactive, periodic table and a dynamic and highly useful resource.

”Knovel is very useful when a specific piece of data is needed. I like the interactive graphs and calculations, the use of Boolean operators to focus a search, and the references to sources that could be found within a 'hit.'“– R&D Chemist, Oilfield Technology Group