Searching Multiple Sources for Materials Data is a Frustrating, Time-Consuming Process

Material selection is a fundamental aspect of design projects, as engineers frequently have to innovate, cut costs or reduce the weight of a product. It’s difficult for engineers to find reliable materials data in one place, and searching multiple sources for materials data is a frustrating, time-consuming process.

”I need a lot of information on materials properties.  Reliable, relevant information on these topics is often difficult to find on the Internet, but Knovel has a good collection of references on these topics that makes it easy to find information I trust and can use to make recommendations to my internal clients.“– Principal Research Chemist, Major Engineering Firm

With a comprehensive materials properties collection including exclusive, interactive databases, Knovel is a one-stop-shop for authenticated materials data. Knovel Data Search is a critical part of the materials selection process for engineers around the world.

”I use the data search tool to find materials properties. I like that I can type in parameters, and Knovel will tell me which materials fit those criteria“– Structural Design Analyst, Aerospace

Knovel’s highly interactive data makes materials and component selection faster and easier. Users will find answers from a diverse range of sources including Plastics Design Library, The ASM collection, and Machinery’s Handbook, among others.

To see how Knovel can help you select the appropriate materials for design, watch the demo below:


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