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Free Excerpt: Food Industry Waste

Food waste

Free Excerpt: Food Industry Waste

More than 34 million tons of food waste was generated in the United States in 2009, at a cost of approximately $43 billion. And while less than three percent of that waste was recovered and recycled, there is growing interest and development in recovering and recycling food waste. These processes have the potential not only to reduce greenhouse gases, but to provide energy and resources for other purposes.

This free chapter on the Development of Green Production Strategies from the book, Food Industry Waste, written by Dr. Maria Kosseva and provided by Elsevier, covers engineering design principles for industrial ecology, barriers to adoption of industrial ecology and drivers of change, green production, green biorefinery concept, and much more. 



Free Excerpt: Stimson's Intro to Airborne Radar, 3rd Edition

StimsonsFree Excerpt: STimson's Introduction to Airborne Radar, 3rd Edition

Available now! Exclusive digital edition of Stimson’s Introduction to Airborne Radar, 3rd Edition, (July 2014) published by SciTech, an imprint of The IET. This complimentary excerpt includes two chapters: Chapter 1, Basic Concepts and Chapter 36, Electronic Warfare Terms and ConceptsGet a first peak at the clearest technical presentation of radar principles ever published.

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Survey Results: Water Shortage Preparedness Survey

Water Shortage Image

Exclusive Survey Results: AWWA 2014 Water Shortage Preparedness Survey

In order to help water utilities facing current and/or future water shortages, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) conducted a survey in early 2014 to collect water shortage tracking and response information. Complete responses to the stakeholder-developed survey were received from 485 utilities. This report includes aggregated summaries and analyses of the reported utility practices and policies as collected through this survey.

Download this provacative study to read about the practices and policies for effective water shortage planning and implementation among public utilities across North America.



Free White Paper: Climate Change

carbon capture and storage

Free White Paper: Climate Change as an Adaptive Challenge

Adaptive challenges are those that can't be solved without new ways of thinking and rapid institutional innovation. This data-rich white paper describes in clear and compelling terms the scientific case for climate change as the biggest adaptive challenge humanity has ever faced.  Surviving this stage of human development means we’ll need to evolve as a species to learn how to face challenges like this one.  We’ll need to foster rapid innovation, fierce competition, and active coordination between businesses, all at the same time. We’ll also need to change how we think about our responsibilities to each other, to the earth, and to future generations. And we'll need to leave combustion behind, rapidly reducing the use of fossil fuels over the next few decades.

Download this provacative whitepaper to learn what you can do to address the very real climate challenges ahead.



Free White Paper: Why Less is More

carbon capture and storage

Free White Paper: Why Less is More

This whitepaper written by John Kinser, PMP and provided by Management Concepts, Inc, looks at a backpacker's approach through the lens of the five project management process groups (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling and closing) and gleans lessons that can be used to improve performance on any project. 

Enjoy this information-packed whitepaper on how you can bring the "lean ethic" at the heart of backpacking to the heart of every project you manage.



Free Excerpt: Energy Optimization

image1Free Excerpt: Energy Optimization

Download a free excerpt of over 10 pages from Stanislaw Sieniutycz and Jacek Jezowski's Energy Optimization in Process Systems and Fuel Cells. This excerpt on Heat Integration within Process Integration presents a simplified flow sheet of a typical chemical processing system, which is also common in other branches of industry such as petroleum refineries, food processing, the pharmaceutical industry and so on.



Free White Paper: Safety Training for the Oil & Gas Worker

carbon capture and storage

Free White Paper: Safety Training for the Oil & Gas Worker

This concise whitepaper, written by Mark Stromme, provided by J.J.Keller & Associates, explains why specialized training for oil and gas workers is so critical to employee safety and what kind of training is required by OSHA. It further explains why new employees are especially vulnerable and what employers can do to mitigate the risk to "rookie" workers. Read this whitepaper now to understand what you need to do to build a knowledgable and fully qualified workforce, whether experienced or new.



Free White Paper: Equations in Engineering Practice

Equations Cover Page

Free White paper: Equations in Engineering Practice

With today's abundance of data, finding the right equation to fit the right use case is a duanting task. Today's engineers lack the basic tools to efficiently navigate this over-abundance of data to ensure that their calculations are accurate and validated.

This new whitepaper by Knovel, written by Colin Selleck, shares insight on the historical and practical use of equations in engineering practice and provides practical solutions for the modern engineer's dilemma of too much information from too many potentially unreliable sources. And, equally, important, it gives guidance on how to document, archive and share those valuable equations. Download this thought provoking whitepaper now.

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Free Excerpt: Introduction to Geological Sequestration


Download a free excerpt of over 20 pages from Introduction to Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Chapter 8 - Introduction to Geological Sequestration, written by Berend Smit, Jeffrey A. Reimer, Curtis M. Oldenburg, and Ian C. Bourg and provided by World Scientific Publishing Company.

In this excerpt you'll get an overview of current geological sequestration sites being used such as saline aquifers, oil & gas reservoirs, enhanced oil & gas recovery and deep unminable coal seams. It also provides examples of sequestration projects to illustrate specific use cases for the trapping mechanism and sites reviewed in the chapter.

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Free Excerpt: Lead with a Story

Lead with a StoryFree Excerpt: Lead with a Story

Download a free excerpt of over 30 pages from Lead With A Story, written by Paul Smith and provided by AMACOM, a division of the American Management Association. In this excerpt, learn the value of storytelling in the workplace, how to foster collaboration and build relationships and ways to engender creativity and innovation from your teams.

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Free Excerpt: Science and Technology of Rubber

science of rubberFree Excerpt: Science and Technology of Rubber

Download a free excerpt of over 25 pages from the 4th edition of The Science and Technology of Rubber, edited by James E. Mark, Burak Erman and C. Michael Roland and provided by Elsevier. This excerpt, Chapter 4 “The Molecular Basis of Rubberlike Elasticity”, explores such topics including the structure of a typical network, elementary molecular theories, advanced molecular theories, single-molecule elasticity, and more.

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Free Excerpt: Future Energy

geothermal energyFree Excerpt: Future Energy

Download a free excerpt of over 20 pages from Thomas W. Kerlin's Future Energy: Opportunities and Challenges, provided by ISA. This excerpt focuses on the opportunities and challenges of geothermal energy.

America and the world face daunting questions about how we produce energy and how we use it. Conservation and improved energy efficiency can help in reducing energy requirements, but cannot halt the steady increase in energy consumption. The possibilities for future energy production include fossil fuels, biofuels, solar, wind, hydroenergy, geothermal and nuclear. Each of these sources has relative advantages and disadvantages. The problem is to produce enough sustainable energy while avoiding unacceptable environmental consequences, especially climate change.



Free Excerpt: Drinking Water

water qualityFree Excerpt: Drinking Water

Download a free excerpt of nearly 40 pages from Drinking Water - Principles and Practices, written by P J de Moel, J Q J C Verberk, and J C van Dijk, provided by World Scientific Publishing Company. 

This excerpt on Water Quality deals with the quality aspects of the public drinking water supply. Included are the various compounds which may be present in the water and the quality standards for drinking water.



Free Excerpt: Carbon Capture and Storage

carbon capture and storageFree Excerpt: Carbon Capture and Storage

Download a free excerpt of over 15 pages from Stephen A. Rackley's Carbon Capture and Storage. This book provides a comprehensive, detailed but non-specialist overview of the wide range of technologies involved in carbon dioxide capture and sequestration. It covers both traditional and cutting edge technology of carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) and contains an abundance of case-studies and worked out examples to reinforce topics. 

This excerpt on Ocean Storage explains describes options that have been investigated to store carbon by increasing the oceanic inventory, including biological (fertilization), chemical (reduction of ocean acidity, accelerated limestone weathering), and physical methods (CO2 dissolution, supercritical CO2 pools in the deep ocean).



Free Excerpt: Innovative Strategies for Secure Software Development

ebook excerptFree Excerpt: Innovative Strategies for Secure Software Development

Download over 20 pages from Hardeep Singh and Hulwant Kaur's book, Designing, Engineering, and Analyzing Reliable and Efficient Software (IGI Global, 2013). The excerpt, Chapter 13: Innovative Strategies for Secure Software Development, discusses adoption of some proactive strategies in threat management for security of software systems.

Read this insightful excerpt and learn how security requirements plan an important role for secure software systems which arise due to threats to assets from malicious users. It is therefore imperative to develop realistic and meaningful security requirements.


Free White Paper: Health And Safety A Corporate Culture

Health & Safety A Corporate CultureFree White Paper: Health & Safety - A Corporate Culture

In the information age every major regulation can be found at the click of a mouse. OSHA’s website has all of its regulations posted online, along with a tremendous library of information to help employees comply with the law.  Yet with all of these available resources companies still fail to embrace safety as a key corporate priority.

Safety and health programs are as different as the number of companies that implement them. No matter how big or small your team or organization is, there are several universal steps that can be followed in order to develop a comprehensive safety program.

Download and read this white paper for advice that will get you on your way to developing a safety culture that will help you achieve a workplace free of accidents and incidents.

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Free White Paper: Opportunities for Military and Civilian Aerospace

aerowhitepapericonFree White Paper: A Tale of Two Sectors: Challenges and Opportunities for Military and Civilian Aerospace

The aerospace sector has become increasingly split between the military and the civilian sector and both face similar challenges with the pace of technological advancement.

But there are also significant opportunities. The cross-over of military technology into non-military uses is increasing and significant technological advances suggest exciting new solutions (such as importing cutting-edge graphics from the video games industry to enhance flight simulators).

Download and read this paper to find out the key strategies for success in a highly competitive aerospace sector of 2013 and beyond.

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Free Excerpt: The Leader's Pocket Guide

whitepapersmallFree Excerpt: The Leader's Pocket Guide

Download a free excerpt of over 25 pages from John Baldoni's The Leader's Pocket Guide: 101 Indispensable Tools, Tips, and Techniques for any Situation. The guide provides readers with concise, on-the-job expertise to inspire and direct them on their professional journey.

This excerpt contains best practices and tactical self-improvement tips on how to:  Instill Purpose in Your People, Manage with the Door Open, Avoid Micromanaging Anything, Connect Authentically, plus a self-assessment on organization to find out how you stack up.

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Free White Paper: Energy Conservation: Critical to the Survival of Civilization

whitepapersmallFree White Paper: Energy Conservation: Critical to the Survival of Civilization

This thought provoking White Paper,  by Donald R. Wulfinghoff, deals with our energy future, an issue that—perhaps more immediately than any other—will determine whether our present civilization can survive this century. It looks at the major sectors of energy consumption: buildings, industry, and transportation, and summarizes where successful conservation has been achieved and where there is opportunity to exploit even greater energy savings.  After reading this paper you will understand the advantages and disadvantages of conservation compared to alternative energy sources and the steps you need to successfully implement energy management in organizations of all types and scales.

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Free E-Book: The Engineering Managers Survival Guide

Free E-Book: The Engineering Manager's Survival Guide

Newly promoted engineering managers rarely imagine the challenges that await them. Of course, development schedules are shorter, products are getting more complex and budgets are shrinking. The biggest challenges for engineering managers today aren't technical. However, these are simply constraints. Engineers are used to dealing with constraints. Strangely enough, the biggest challenges for engineering managers aren't technical They are managing personnel. They are managing executives. The nontechnical issues are often the stickiest.

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White Paper: Profitable Opportunities for Refurbished Petroleum Refineries

White Paper: Opportunities for Refurbished Petroleum Refineries

Follow this real-time overview of profitable opportunities for U.S. petroleum refiners as  Dr. James Latty shares why co-refining U.S. bio-crude oils has significant refining potential.

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Materials Compliance for Green Product Development

Materials Compliance for Green Product Development

An Aberdeen Paper- Materials compliance plays a critical role, alongside carbon emissions, and energy/ water consumption in today's Green product development. And being "Greener" provides another element of competitive differentiation for organizations allowing them to better address customer requirements and to promote product innovation from within. Read this report to find out how Best-in-Class companies are increasing their annual product revenue by 19% while decreasing product time-to-market by 13% by successfully leveraging compliance measures to enable Corporate Social Responsibility and achieve profitability.

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Tech Clarity

Tech Clarity: Engineering Reference Information in a PLM Strategy

Manufacturers today compete on speed and innovation to drive product profitability and profitable growth. These companies have recently given a lot of attention to business process improvement, organizational design, and enabling software technology to improve engineering productivity. Little executive attention has been placed, however, on the importance of providing efficient access to engineering reference information. This market report from Tech-Clarity investigates the role of engineering reference within an overall PLM strategy.

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Innovators Toolbox

Innovator’s Toolbox

An Aberdeen Paper - The need for innovation is gaining more prominence on the executive agenda. In fact, the development of more innovative products was reported as the top business goal for product development by participants in The 2008 Aberdeen Report. But, just how do organizations identify the most promising ideas and translate these ideas into successful products? This study answers that question by examining how leading companies empower their innovators with tools and strategies that allow them to leverage ideas and knowledge to develop a steady stream of new and profitable products.

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