What's Next

Engineers: You Dream. You Act. You Build the Future. We are in awe of all you accomplish. What's next in engineering? We can't wait to find out.

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Why Knovel

The average engineer saves 4 hours a week by using Knovel's optimized search engine, interactive tools and validated content. See what's in store when you choose Knovel..

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Watch Knovel's Unit Converter Video

Knovel’s Unit Converter quickly converts engineering related units of measurement. Users can select from a library of more than 1000 properties and 90 units or build a custom unit from a combination of available units and properties.

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Watch Knovel's Excel Add-In Video

Knovel’s new Excel Add-In installs a tab to your Excel desktop that provides one-click access to Knovel’s search and unit conversion tools.

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Watch Knovel's Basic Search Video

This video will provide you with the basics of browsing and searching Knovel's 30 subject areas that cover topics from chemistry, to mechanical engineering, oil and gas, sustainable energy and many others.

This short tutorial video is designed to show you Knovel's powerful search engine can save you hours of research time.

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Watch Knovel's Data Search Video

This video demonstrates how the value of Knovel’s content is extended by optimized search and data analysis tools enabling engineers to not only easily find relevant data but also analyze, document and incorporate it into their everyday work.

This short tutorial video is designed to show you how Knovel's powerful data search delivers you the answers you need, fast.

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Watch Knovel's Interactive Tools Video

This video teaches you how Knovel’s data analysis tools ensure you not only find the information hidden in complex graphs, equations and tables quickly, but also analyze and manipulate data as easily as sorting a spreadsheet.

Tables and charts found in Knovel’s online reference collection deliver not only the data users trust but also let them extract it for further analysis.

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Get Personal With My Knovel

We want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your access! Did you know that you can save your searches, favorite books, interactive tools and clip outside content to Knovel to create customized project folders?

Features include: My Bookshelf, My Saved Content and My Saved Searches.

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