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Knovel's Expert Webinars focus on real-world engineering issues and feature industry experts. Topics cover industry trends, best practices and technical information that will help you solve design problems, improve processes, validate assumptions and much more. Scroll down to view all on-demand webinars.

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Hydraulic RigView On Demand

Are You Reducing the Risk of Oil and Gas Industry Corrosion?

Do you know how a 5M Scorecard can improve both safety and public perception?

Watch this complimentary 1-hour webinar and learn how a scorecard approach measures corrosion and other integrity management factors that could mitigate disasters, improve safety compliance, and restore the oil industry’s reputation.

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Sankara Papavinasam, President CorrMagnet Consulting Inc. Ottawa, Ontario
Dr. Pavan K. Shukl, Senior Research Engineer Southwest Research Institute San Antonio, Texas



Archived Webinars

Hydraulic RigAvailable On Demand

The Internet is making equation searches more accessible, but could it be decreasing their reliability or validity, potentially impacting the quality of your projects? How can the engineering industry address the critical issue of reliable equation and calculation resources?

Watch this complimentary 1-hour webinar where experts, Karl Jacob, Myrto-Panagiota Zacharof, and Colin Selleck discuss their real world experiences and research about equation use in engineering practices, the practical application of calculations, the risks posed by the Internet, and possible solutions to finding and publishing validated equations.


Archived Webinars

Hydraulic Drilling

Shale Gas Future: Global Distribution and Industry Impacts

Available on Demand

Register for this expert webinar featuring David Burnett from Texas A&M and David Bem from The Dow Chemical Company. While prominent shale deposits have received attention in the U.S., there is lower awareness of the distribution of shale across the globle and the enormous petroleum resources they represent. The economic advantage created by shale gas and the benefits to the U.S. economy of shale development are well reported. The impacts of shale development on the technology used in the chemical industry is not discussed nearly as often. This webinar is designed to help attendees understand how the shale gas book may play out globally, and what it will mean for the chemical industry in the future. 


Vacuum FurnaceOperating and Maintaining Vacuum Furnaces: “Up-time” Considerations (Part 2)

Available On Demand

Watch Part 2 of ASM International's webinar series on "Operating and Maintaining Vacuum Furnaces - Up-Time Considerations". Join presenter, William R. Jones, CEO of Solar Manufacturing Inc., as he continues the discussion on why maximizing "up-time" is worth the effort. 

Watch this complimentary 1-hour webinar and learn about:

  • Hot zone contamination - Examples of evaporation and prevention through the use of partial pressure gas
  • Heating element failures and how to prevent them - Failure examples and prevention will be discussed
  • Conserving energy and reducing electric power costs - Advantages and disadvantages relative to furnace performance


Vacuum Furnace
Operating and Maintaining Vacuum Furnaces: “Up-time” Considerations (Part 1)

Available On Demand

Vacuum furnaces are in use around the world for brazing, sintering, and a variety of heat treating processes because they give a high quality result with little contamination. Maximizing “up-time” is worth the effort. Keeping a vacuum furnace in peak operating condition requires diligence in planning and maintenance. A properly engineered and maintained furnace will give decades of “up-time” performance. 

Watch this complimentary 1-hour webinar where expert, William R Jones. Mr. Jones, will provide an overview of methods for getting the most value from the    vacuum furnace. After watching this webinar, you will walk away with an understanding of:

  • “Down-time” - What it means to you based on size of your furnace
  • Vacuum furnace leaks and their prevention - Methods of preventing, locating, and addressing leaks
  • Cooling water leaks and clogs - Proper water treatment methods and chemistry.