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Knovel's Expert Webinars focus on real-world engineering issues and feature industry experts. Topics cover industry trends, best practices and technical information that will help you solve design problems, improve processes, validate assumptions and much more. Scroll down to view all on-demand webinars.

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Featured Webinar

Hydraulic RigView On Demand

Are You Reducing the Risk of Oil and Gas Industry Corrosion?

Do you know how a 5M Scorecard can improve both safety and public perception?

Watch this complimentary 1-hour webinar and learn how a scorecard approach measures corrosion and other integrity management factors that could mitigate disasters, improve safety compliance, and restore the oil industry’s reputation.

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Sankara Papavinasam, President CorrMagnet Consulting Inc. Ottawa, Ontario
Dr. Pavan K. Shukl, Senior Research Engineer Southwest Research Institute San Antonio, Texas



Archived Webinars

Hydraulic RigAvailable On Demand

The Internet is making equation searches more accessible, but could it be decreasing their reliability or validity, potentially impacting the quality of your projects? How can the engineering industry address the critical issue of reliable equation and calculation resources?

Watch this complimentary 1-hour webinar where experts, Karl Jacob, Myrto-Panagiota Zacharof, and Colin Selleck discuss their real world experiences and research about equation use in engineering practices, the practical application of calculations, the risks posed by the Internet, and possible solutions to finding and publishing validated equations.


Archived Webinars

Hydraulic Drilling

Shale Gas Future: Global Distribution and Industry Impacts

Available on Demand

Register for this expert webinar featuring David Burnett from Texas A&M and David Bem from The Dow Chemical Company. While prominent shale deposits have received attention in the U.S., there is lower awareness of the distribution of shale across the globle and the enormous petroleum resources they represent. The economic advantage created by shale gas and the benefits to the U.S. economy of shale development are well reported. The impacts of shale development on the technology used in the chemical industry is not discussed nearly as often. This webinar is designed to help attendees understand how the shale gas book may play out globally, and what it will mean for the chemical industry in the future. 


Vacuum FurnaceOperating and Maintaining Vacuum Furnaces: “Up-time” Considerations (Part 2)

Available On Demand

Watch Part 2 of ASM International's webinar series on "Operating and Maintaining Vacuum Furnaces - Up-Time Considerations". Join presenter, William R. Jones, CEO of Solar Manufacturing Inc., as he continues the discussion on why maximizing "up-time" is worth the effort. 

Watch this complimentary 1-hour webinar and learn about:

  • Hot zone contamination - Examples of evaporation and prevention through the use of partial pressure gas
  • Heating element failures and how to prevent them - Failure examples and prevention will be discussed
  • Conserving energy and reducing electric power costs - Advantages and disadvantages relative to furnace performance


Vacuum Furnace
Operating and Maintaining Vacuum Furnaces: “Up-time” Considerations (Part 1)

Available On Demand

Vacuum furnaces are in use around the world for brazing, sintering, and a variety of heat treating processes because they give a high quality result with little contamination. Maximizing “up-time” is worth the effort. Keeping a vacuum furnace in peak operating condition requires diligence in planning and maintenance. A properly engineered and maintained furnace will give decades of “up-time” performance. 

Watch this complimentary 1-hour webinar where expert, William R Jones. Mr. Jones, will provide an overview of methods for getting the most value from the    vacuum furnace. After watching this webinar, you will walk away with an understanding of:

  • “Down-time” - What it means to you based on size of your furnace
  • Vacuum furnace leaks and their prevention - Methods of preventing, locating, and addressing leaks
  • Cooling water leaks and clogs - Proper water treatment methods and chemistry.


Barrier Based Risk Management

Case Studies: A New Visual Approach to Barrier-Based Risk Management
Available On Demand

Watch this complimentary 1-hour webinar where experts, Scott Randall and Jeroen van Dommelen, discuss a new, visual risk management approach and cite several cases where disaster risks could have been mitigated and companies' reputations maintained.

Learn how barrier management:
  • Provides a systematic, visual display of cause and effect relationships
  • Identifies key threats and consequences
  • Allows a broader consumption of risk information ensuring accountability
  • Can satisfy stakeholders and regulators to provide a sustained competitive advantage


A Shale Gas Primer
A Shale Gas Primer: The economic impact, technology and water issues behind the shale gas boom
Available On Demand

View this complimentary webinar on demand. Hear experts from The American Chemistry Council, Texas A&M University and CDM Smith discuss the enabling technologies of the shale gas revolution, its impact on the chemical industry, and the challenges associated with shale gas production.

In less than 1-hour viewers will learn:

  • The economic potential of shale gas development for US manufacturing, in particular, chemicals
  • Overview of the water management life cycle
  • Water treatment challenges and technologies


 Safety Instrumented System Performance Developments

Best Practices for the Latest Safety Instrumented System Performance Developments
Available On Demand

View this complimentary webinar on demand. Experts, William Goble, Paul Gruhn and Edward Marszal discuss failure rate data and system modeling as well as introduce the latest information about applying safety concepts to the design of fire and gas systems.

In less than 1-hour SIS experts will discuss:

  • Failure rate data – where it comes from and how it is calculated
  •  Safety system performance – a performance calculation including which equation components to apply and how to apply them
  • Fire and gas detector coverage – what it means, new metrics, and how to calculate it.


Four Critical Engineering Leadership SkillsFour Critical Engineering Leadership Skills That Drive Profits and Innovation

Watch this on demand webinar as engineering leadership experts share strategies to improve your management skills. Get practical tips to help you align people and goals with project requirements and enterprise perspective.  Start on a path to help reduce risk and improve products and profitability with these skills every engineering leader should have.

Our presenters elaborate on 4 critical leadership skills:

•    Self-Leadership - improve communication style to inspire and lead
•    People Management – coach, mentor and educate teams to boosts productivity
•    Operational Processes – identify core technologies to improve project outcomes
•    Organizational Alignment – align people with organization vision and mission


Beyond AerospaceBeyond Aerospace: The Business Case for Composites

You have likely heard about the mechanical properties composites offer — light weight, high strength, unbeatable durability.  Applied properly, composites can improve everything from pipes to bridges to wind turbines and cars, but how do you add them to your toolbox?

 Jeff Sloan, Editor of CompositesWorld kicks off the conversation on untapped benefits, practical tradeoffs and how you can start using composites to find better engineering solutions for your products, equipment and structures.

Learn why you should use composites including: competitive costs compared to traditional materials, improved performance, extended lifecycle, getting to market faster – reduce time from concept to reality.


220x180_managersCreate High Functioning Engineering and Science Teams
Understand the People Side of Lean

You’ve heard about Lean Manufacturing, now you need to know about Lean Engineering. Experts  share real case examples of process improvement strategies and tactics that take advantage of emotional intelligence and Lean principles and tools to motivate, lead and enable engineers to become a highly effective team that produces quality projects on time with consistent and sustainable results.

Experts Larry Smith, CEO and Bill Kay, Senior Vice President of Haley & Aldrich explain how the differences (and similarities) in behaviors and styles of your engineers can be leveraged to:

  • Improve team performance
  • Play to the strengths and natural abilities of your team members
  • Achieve predictable and sustainable results faster


220x180_managersAre You Sinking All Of Your Time Into Float?
How to Offer More Schedule Certainty to Your Customers

Now available on demand! In one hour, learn how you can assess your overall project schedule to plan for worst case scenarios, bottlenecks, estimation inaccuracies, and other schedule uncertainties to deliver quality projects on time.

Join our panel of industry experts for this complimentary webinar where they will discuss keys ideas and best practices for project schedule risk avoidance/mitigation such as:

  • Assessing sources of uncertainity and estimating schedule impact
  • Analyzing worst case scenarios and pulling risk forward
  • Who owns float and can collaborating & sharing risk really work?
  • Gaining control of the change/modification process


shalegasShale Gas: A Game Changer

With expert Martha Gilchrist Moore, Senior Director - American Chemistry Council, Seth Roberts, Director of Energy & Climate Change Policy, The Dow Chemical Company and Rebekkah Marshall, Editor-in-Chief - Chemical Engineering

What you will learn:

  • Understanding of the U.S. position on the global ethylene supply curve & what it means for global competitiveness
  • Current activities in each major shale region/play and the current market drivers
  • Potential job creation, capital investment & economic output resulting from increased supply of natural gas from shale
  • Innovations stimulating the development of shale gas reserves
  • The economic impact for downstream industries


Creating Knowledge Workers for the Greener Product Marketplace


Available on demand now. Three prominent business, design and engineering educators will address an increasingly important challenge: How to integrate environmental sustainability into product development education to prepare students for jobs in the greener economy.

Panelists include:
Sinan Erzurumlu, Assistant Professor, Babson College
Richard Braunstein, Adjunct Faculty & Designer, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sridhar Condoor, Ph.D., Prof. Aerospace & Mech. Engineering, Saint Louis University


Are you ready for the OSHA Chemical NEP inspections?

Bridging the Engineering Skills Gap that Threatens UK Industries

Available on demand now. Watch this expert review of OSHA’s new National Emphasis Program for chemical facilities and how it will affect you.

While OSHA’s PSM standard (29 CFR 1910.119) has been around since 1992, this is the most significant OSHA inspection program to date. The program begins immediately and concerns Process Safety Management covered facilities. OSHA’s refinery industry and 2009 pilot Chemical Facility programs revealed that even facilities with a comprehensive process safety management program can have insufficient performance. Our expert speakers recommend best practices for preparing.


Bridging the Engineering Skills Gap that Threatens UK IndustriesDr. Dan Polis


How can education, business and government solve this crisis? Companies increasingly lack skilled engineers to replace aging baby boomers. This problem threatens the competitive edge of industries across the UK and worldwide. Educators, corporations, and government are increasingly concerned about the lack of experienced and graduating engineers available, and how to capture, retain, and transfer the knowledge from retiring baby boomers to new hires and mid-career engineers.

Presenters share “outside the box” ideas as they discuss the issues and propose solutions.




Developing One-of-a-Kind Composite Structures for Science and Exploration at NASA's Goddard Space Flight CenterDr. Dan Polis


Dr. Daniel Polis, Materials Engineering Team Leader from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center discusses composite materials that are regularly employed in spacecraft buses, instrument benches, deployable structures, and solar array substrates.




Design News Radio - Bridging the Mechanical & Embedded Design WorldsDesign News Radio - Bridging the Mechanical & Embedded Design Worlds


Design engineering is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, and the product prototyping and manufacturing process requires multiple skill sets, including how best to implement the interface between the embedded portion and the external world.

Listen as Pascal Vera of Siemens and CAD Editor Beth Stackpole share prescriptive advice for a successful end-to-end development experience.

Sponsored by Knovel and Siemens



Biosurfactants: Cost Effective, Healthier and Sustainable SurfactantsBiobased and Biosurfactants Webinar


Learn about the current industrial status of biobased surfactants, the potential for “green” manufacturing, and novel applications for biobased surfactants. 

Surfactants are ingrained in our everyday lives. We use them in cleaning agents, paints & coatings, foods, personal-hygiene & cosmetics, lubricants, and products for environmental remediation among others. Manufacturers and users of surfactants are challenged by rising petroleum prices and demand for healthier, sustainable products. These concerns are driving increased interest in the utilization of bio-based surfactants.




Designing & Managing Influent Water Systems- Keys to Minimizing Risk & Maximizing Flexibility

Designing & Managing Influent Water Systems


Learn the keys to maximizing reliability and flexibility of influent water systems for existing and new implementations. Experts Dave Christophersen, VP/Technical Manager, Crown Solutions, Colin Frayne, Consultant, Aquassurance, Inc. and Loraine Huchler, President, MarTech Systems, Inc.  bring to light the benefits of proper design framework to help you prepare for emerging needs, select better equipment and avoid costly mistakes.




Generate Better Project Results - Learn what holds projects back and how to succeed

Generate Better Project Results - Learn what holds projects back and how to succeedLearn about the steps you may be overlooking that will help you run more successful engineering projects, even in the face of variable priorities, changing expectations, and global workforces. Speakers Doug Russell, Director of Engineering at Overwatch, an Operating unit of Textron Systems and Mike Campbell, President, MCA International LLC drew on dozens of years of real-world experience to provide examples that illustrate how intrinsically project communication and project success go hand-in-hand.




Optimizing Risk Management Systems and Safety Culture

Optimizing Risk Management Systems and Safety CultureDuring this webinar experts Scott Randall, Managing Director of PlusAlpha Risk Management Solutions and Russ Davis, Senior Consultant, Process Safety at Aon Energy Risk Engineering explored steps your company can take to upgrade and transform risk management programs into a competitive advantage.

Learn what can be done to make process safety culture more effective.




Designing and Verifying Safety Instrumented Systems

Designing and Verifying Safety Instrumented SystemsAttendees of this webinar learned best practices for defining, analyzing and verifying safety levels of proposed and existing safety systems.

During the webinar experts Bill Goble, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Exida; Paul Gruhn, ISA 84 Expert and Training Manager at ICS Triplex | Rockwell Automation; and Edward Marszal, President of Kenexis shared best practices for defining, analyzing and verifying safety levels of proposed and existing safety systems.


Engineers Professional Use of Social Networks Today and Where It's Heading

Engineers Professional Use of Social Networks Today and Where It's HeadingKate Worlock, Outsell Director and Lead Analyst shared findings from a recent study around the current use of online social networks by engineers. Kate’s research is be juxtaposed with the real-world experiences of Alan Belniak, Director of Social Media at PTC and Sahitya Sehgal, owner of the Industrial Engineering Network on LinkedIn.


Materialistic Engineering: Build Stronger, Better Products Using Interactive Tables and Equations

Materialistic Engineering: Build Stronger, Better Products Using Interactive Tables and EquationsDeriving a sheet-metal part's wall thickness from the thermal conductivity values of its material, or determining the curvature of a wind turbine's blade based on the anticipated wind speed at the site, or adjusting the height of a boiler based on the most energy-efficient air-fuel ratio...these are but a few hypothetical design scenarios where you might incorporate interactive equations and property tables into your CAD workflow.