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Knovel Announces the Winners of the 2014 National Merit Bill Woishnis Scholarship
02 June 2014

Scholarship award honors academic excellence among aspiring engineers

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Knovel Launches Nondestructive Testing & Evaluation Subject Area
30 May 2014

Offers testing and monitoring methods combined with industry-specific guidelines to help in the selection of methods for different applications and new materials

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Knovel Offers Software Development Kit for Integration with Microsoft SharePoint
05 May 2014

With integration, search queries via SharePoint will include results from Knovel’s trusted engineering references

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5 ways to remember STEM’s forgotten ‘E’
23 May 2014

"Knovel’s Sasha Gurke explains ways educators can demonstrate for students how engineering is engaging and relevant to everyday life."

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"What Engineers Need from Today’s Research Outlets"
14 April 2014

"Gabriela Lupulescu, Product Manager for Knovel, explains why engineers need better tools when working with equations."

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“Defence companies adapting to a new landscape”
24 March 2014

“Defense companies are adopting strategies to adapt to a changing landscape”

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Engineering News
New nanofoam presents new possibilities for engineering research
30 July 2014
Materials scientists at Rice University have created a lighter, stronger more heat resistant nanofoam. 
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Hitching a ride; engineers study interaction between robots and people
30 July 2014
An innovative engineering research project that is intended to study the interaction between people and robotics is reportedly making its way across Canada.
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Veteran Mars rover breaks off-world driving record
30 July 2014
Scientists and engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory are celebrating a remarkable achievement on Mars, after it was revealed that the Opportunity rover had broken an off-world driving record that had been held since 1974.
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Expert Webinar: Reduce Risk of Oil and Gas Corrosion
ACE in Boston June 2014

June 9-12, 2014

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Expert Webinar: The Need for Reliable Equations in Engineering Practice Today

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