Knovel for Librarians

Knovel will help your patrons find the solutions they need in one precise, interactive and user-friendly platform.

Range of Content

At Knovel, we continually work with our customers and leading engineers to develop the most robust content offering. Knovel proactively curates its content by working with engineering experts who help us fine tune our offering across 30 subject areas.

Relevance of Content

Knovel continuously adds new content to help engineers keep pace with market drivers and evolving industries such as nanotechnology. We work with an Editorial Board of Advisors to ensure Knovel’s content is relevant and to prioritize content additions as new trends emerge. Information professionals or librarians can also choose from a variety of different packages and subject areas to ensure content is based solely on your specific needs.

Reliability of Content

Knovel works with recognized subject matter experts and selects premium content from more than 90 recognized engineering societies and publishing partners.

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”[Knovel] has become the gold standard among its target user base, based on its ability to anticipate the needs of its users and serve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.“– Laura Ricci, STM E-Books: 2012 Market Size, Share, and Forecast