Knovel for Engineers

The average engineer saves 4 hours a week using Knovel.  That’s because Knovel not only offers one of the most comprehensive technical references available—it’s designed solely for engineers looking to save time and execute projects with ease and precision. Knovel’s unmatched depth and breadth of validated content and interactive tools will help you find the solutions you need.

Know More and Search Less

Knovel offers validated content from top publishers and societies, as well as exclusive, interactive data found in Knovel’s Critical Content Collection. Stop second-guessing your sources—Knovel has the validated content you can rely on.

Get Designs Right the First Time

Materials selection is a crucial aspect of design. Avoid costly redesigns with Knovel’s trusted content and user-friendly data analysis tools. With Knovel’s interactive tools, you can also incorporate tables, graphs and equations directly into your workflow to maximize efficiency.

Stay Organized and Connected

Using My Knovel features, you can save content and organize folders with your favorite titles, and frequently used search queries. You can easily access the information you need for a project, whenever and wherever you need it.

Learn how Knovel helps engineers just like you


”Knovel saves me time and effort by bringing together the many resources I need in one quick and easy-to-use reference.“– Process Engineer, Chevron

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