Knovel Search Widget

A Widget is a tiny application that you can run on your computer desktop or on the web. Knovel's Search Widget provides a direct connection to all of the technical references, materials databases and interactive tools available on Knovel.  With the Knovel Search Widget, you'll have one click access to Knovel. Rather than searching for access via your corporate intranet and clicking through several web pages or sifting through your bookmarks, use the Widget to access Knovel quickly and conveniently!

For your own use, download the widget directly to your desktop.

To distribute the widget to users, follow the embed instructions and copy & paste the Widget into your intranet, library pages, Sharepoint, and other internal webpages.

To learn more about Knovel Search Widget Authentication for Academic Institutions, click here.

Mac User?  Click here to download for Mac OSX.


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