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Knovel helps engineers complete projects faster, resolve disruptions sooner and maintain production.

Knovel provides the world’s leading Oil & Gas companies with access to reliable guidance and best practice information on a range of topics including drilling techniques, fluid dynamics, rig and pipeline construction, material strengths and process design, plant safety, environmental impacts and compliance.

Engineering Managers are challenged to control costs, comply with regulations & increase asset utilization. In response, their engineers have their training and expertise repeatedly stretched by new technologies and complex systems requiring ever more interdisciplinary know-how. Time pressures are persistent and safety and environmental requirements are continually expanding. Shortages of skilled and experienced engineering workers only add to the pressure. Engineers working in Oil and Gas industries need a reliable source for answers they can trust.

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The 5 oil & gas supermajors can attest—Knovel provides the technical information and answers needed to get the job done.

”Knovel saves me time and effort by bringing together the many resources I need in one quick and easy-to-use reference.“– Process Engineer, Chevron

”Finding the answer quickly meant getting the pipeline back up the same day, which translated into avoiding $1M a day in lost revenue.“– Production Engineer, Major Oil Company

Engineers at Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Baker Hughes, and Chevron tap Knovel as they seek answers to technical questions.

READ A SOLUTION STORY. Relief valves protect pressure vessels and other equipment from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits. In this solution story, we size a bellows pressure relief (PR) valve in line with the mass flow rate for a gas pipeline with natural gas under critical flow conditions.