Equipment Manufacturers

The world’s leading Equipment Manufacturers turn to Knovel, helping engineers address the technical challenges they face in their work.

Knovel provides guidance and best practice information on product development topics spanning material selection and tolerances, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, product design, mechatronics, vibration, plastics, resins, environmental impacts, compliance and more. 

Engineering Managers are challenged to respond more quickly to customer demands, deliver products on time and control costs. Using Knovel, their engineers can find answers needed to develop more innovative and higher-quality products in less time.

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In Good Company

The top Equipment Manufacturers in the world, including Ingersoll Rand, ITT Industries, John Deere, Cummins, Rolls-Royce, BHEL, EATON, Caterpillar and GE subscribe to Knovel.

”Ready access to credible technical information and the ability to quickly filter down do information pertinent to projects is a powerful tool for product delivery. Information is up-to-date, credible, and covers a wide range of technical topics. Filtering tools are extremely powerful and provide flexible presentation capability.“– Engineer, Major Appliance Manufacturer

”Knovel has saved me time, especially through the use of the interactive tables and charts that permit me to export property data. I use these data to minimize risk exposure in manufacturing processes by developing risk-based strategies that clients use to direct their cleaning and process validation efforts. The data I find in Knovel is very important for evaluating the hazards and toxicity of raw materials within a manufacturing process.“– Director of Quality Services, JM Hyde Consulting, Inc.

Knovel helps engineers come up with more innovative responses to customer needs, develop better designs and complete projects faster.

READ A SOLUTION STORY. Learn how you can use Knovel to solve technical problems. In this case, an engineer needs to protect the steel shaft and die-cast aluminum brush hub of a hard floor scrubber machine from failure in a locked-rotor condition. One method of protection is to design a shaft key that fails before there is any damage to more expensive parts.