The world’s leading chemical companies turn to Knovel, helping engineers address the technical challenges they face in their work.

Knovel provides guidance and best practice information to support more efficient, faster and safer processing, production and development of specialty chemicals. With access to information on a range of topics, including material selection and tolerances, heat transfer, coatings, corrosion and process hazard analysis, engineers use Knovel to find answers necessary to improve processes, recover from disruptions, retool plants and bring new products into production.

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With fluctuating raw materials prices, evolving environmental regulations, and new process safety management requirements, Engineering Managers are challenged to optimize manufacturing operations to decrease costs and reinvest savings into new products and production technologies to maintain competitive position.

In support of these goals, engineers at companies in the process industries have their training and expertise repeatedly stretched.  New technologies and methods promise greater results but require ever more interdisciplinary know-how.  Engineers need answers to technical questions they can trust.

7 of the top 10 US and 6 of the top 10 European companies in process industries can attest—Knovel provides the technical information you can trust.

”Knovel has vast content devoted to our industry, plus its unique interactive graphs and charts have a technological edge over anything else I have seen.“– Peter Bowler, Polyone

In selecting Knovel, your organization will have access to the same resource used at Lyondell, Chemtura, Momentive, Huntsman, Lubrizol, BASF, Evonik, Cabot and many more.

READ A SOLUTION STORY. Learn how you can use Knovel to find better ways to design, develop, produce, deliver or service products. In this a case, an engineer working for a chemical manufacturer is asked to find a way to optimize the flow rate of acrylonitrile from a tank.