Engineering projects are increasingly multi-disciplinary and complex

With mechatronics and other technology advances, it’s difficult to be the subject matter expert

Gone are the days of the one true expert--Knovel helps you ramp up quickly on a topic. Today’s engineering projects involve the development of complex software, electronics and hardware. These projects rely on knowledge from a variety of engineering disciplines and sources. As a result, the modern engineer needs to have a wide range of engineering know-how and expertise.

”As an engineering graduate entering the piping world for the first time, it was important for me to be able to learn as much as possible about piping materials, valves in particular. With Knovel at my fingertips I have been able to search through handbooks for diagrams and explanations that have been very beneficial in my on-the-job educating, thus enabling me to do my job well. “– Piping Materials Engineer, Major Engineering Company

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