Case Studies

Knovel Spotlight - University of Washington

Don’t ever stop learning.” That’s the advice structural engineer Zach Brown offers not only to students, but also to every science and engineering professional—beginners and veterans.


Knovel Spotlight - University of Buffalo

Where should students begin their research? Knovel's online technical resources "are the first place we look," says Ben Wagner, Subject Specialist at the University of Buffalo.



Knovel Spotlight - Monroe Energy

To accelerate production and optimize core processes, Monroe Energy signed on with Knovel.



Knovel Spotlight - Oklahoma State University

"Databases [like Knovel] are credible, complete and reflect the complexity of engineering" says Kevin Drees, Engineering Librarian at Oklahoma State University.



Knovel Spotlight - Arup

The values of collaboration and worldwide interconnectedness inspired the London-based firm to subscribe to Knovel.



Knovel Spotlight - NTU

Knovel’s information and interactive tools provide real value to students, especially the interactive tools.



Knovel Spotlight - Subsea7

“We were looking for a global online solution for our engineers to be able to access the same validated information from anywhere in the world. Knovel provided the right content and access rights to enable us to do that.” - Manager of Subsea7’s global online resources.



Knovel Spotlight - Ecole Centrale

See why Ecole Centrale considers searchable, online technical resources like Knovel essential to modern scientific study.



Knovel Spotlight - METU

“The infrastructure of Knovel is very user friendly,” says Emre Hasan Akbayrak, Associate Director of the Middle East Technical University Library. “I have talked to many of our students and faculty members, and they always say that Knovel is a really good product, and that it’s really easy to use.



Knovel Spotlight - Apache

While Apache has always used effective management and innovation to optimize its resources, with Knovel, the resource is not energy, it is information.



Knovel Spotlight - University of Kentucky

Students at Univeristy of Kentucky value Knovel for its powerful search capabilities and wealth of content.



Knovel Spotlight - Amec

Various divisions in the company now subscribe to Knovel based on a combination of factors including, Knovel's “size of collection, ease of use, the up-to-date collections, special features, pricing and relevancy of materials."



Knovel Spotlight - University College London

On the University College London (UCL) campus, like many others, Knovel is changing the way engineering students conduct research. Just ask UCL’s Subject Librarian Lynne Meehan.

“When people ask me for data, I always go to Knovel,” says Meehan.



Knovel Spotlight - Donaldson

Innovation is a constant theme of Donaldson’s success. That's why Donaldson spends millions of dollars on research and development each year.


It’s also why Donaldson formed a partnership with Knovel in 2003. The primary reason Donaldson came to Knovel was, according to Donaldson’s Library Manager, Julie Eskritt, “the content.”



Knovel Spotlight - BP

To serve the multidisciplinary needs of global project teams, BP needed a resource offering the reference information necessary for employees to perform their many varied functions across diverse business units.


Knovel was a resource BP chose. A strictly online operation, not tied to the traditional brick and mortar model of a reference collection, Knovel allowed BP to be more nimble when it came to research and development. It also ensured that vital advances and challenging problems would not remain unresolved for lack of easily accessible technical information.




Knovel Spotlight - Bechtel

Bechtel engineer Perry Munsinger has dashed off to facilities around the globe packing stacks of personal notebooks and handbooks filled with the basic information needed to get his job done. Munsinger estimates that he’s spent thousands of dollars in shipping costs out of his own pocket just to have access to the data that is so vital to his work.


At least he used to. Now he uses Knovel, and he’s not looking back. For the past four years, Bechtel has provided all of its divisions around the world with access to Knovel to ensure that engineers have online access to up-to-date data that supports their projects.




Knovel Spotlight - University of Arkansas

As Engineering and Mathematics Librarian and associate professor at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Patricia Kirkwood has the job of introducing students to the quality resources they need to support their course study and future research.


Kirkwood’s strategy for requiring freshmen engineering students to participate in the Challenge is that the exercise exposes them to literature research skills necessary not only to complete their academic careers but as a method to find answers to real world problems that they meet in their internships and after they graduate.




Knovel Spotlight - Ingersoll Rand

Engineers and engineering managers at Ingersoll Rand needed up-to-date technical and engineering reference information for data analysis related to product support, new product development and best-practice information on Six Sigma and lean manufacturing methodologies, and they needed access around the clock from all corners of the globe.


In response to this global need for 24 x 7 access to reliable technical information, Ingersoll Rand’s engineering global services team turned to Knovel. Choosing to purchase a corporate wide subscription proved to be a very cost effective way to supply all the company’s engineers with the research and reference information they need to succeed in a timeframe that minimized expense.