About Knovel




Knovel is a cloud-based application integrating technical information with analytical and search tools to drive innovation and deliver answers engineers can trust.

Knovel is specifically focused on the engineering community, offering an unmatched depth and breadth of validated engineering content aggregated from the most trusted sources. Knovel’s comprehensive collection of content is continually updated as new titles are available to reflect the evolving needs of users.

Knovel is the leading online technical reference resource for 3 reasons. First, Knovel locates more potentially relevant answers in a collection. Second, Knovel is better at quickly narrowing the potential answers to those most relevant to your search. Third, Knovel has interactive tables and graphs to help engineers use and export relevant data, making Knovel so much more than just e-books.


”There is no excuse for not knowing the facts to solve the most complicated problems. Go to Knovel.“– James Wei, Professor, Princeton University, former president of AIChE