What is Knovel?

Knovel is a cloud-based application integrating technical information with analytical and search tools to drive innovation and deliver answers engineers can trust.


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Why Knovel - See what's in store when you choose Knovel.

Knovel's Basic Search - This video will provide you with the basics of browsing and searching Knovel's 30 subject areas that cover topics from chemistry, to mechanical engineering, oil and gas, sustainable energy and many others.

knovel_tv_thumb03Interactive Tools - Incorporate Knovel’s graphs, tables and charts directly into your workflow.

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Available: Nondestructive Testing & Evaluation

New subject area includes detailed information about testing and monitoring methods combined with industry-specific guidelines to aid in the selection of appropriate methods for different applications and characterizing new materials. Read More

New Exclusive Whitepaper

Addressing the problem of climate change will require new ways of thinking and rapid institutional innovation. This new whitepaper, Climate Change as an Adaptive Challenge, provides a data-driven argument for why climate change is real and why our solutions must continuously adapt and evolve. Download Now.

Knovel® SDK for Microsoft® SharePoint®

The Knovel Software Development Kit for Microsoft® SharePoint® is now available for Knovel customers! Integrate Knovel seamlessly into you knowledge management system and help your engineers more easily discover resources. Read More.

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Knovel AcademyKnovel Academy is a one-stop shop for the latest resources available to enhance students’ experience with Knovel. Learn More.